Bulgarian wine



Wine from Bulgaria

Here’s a few things that maybe you did not know about wine…

1. Bacchus and his band of unruly and lustful satyrs was originally a Thracian deity. The Thracians were the ancient people (before the ancient Greeks!) who lived in the lands that today include Bulgaria.

2. The Thracians taught the Greeks how to drink wine, who then taught the Romans, who passed on the taste to the Gauls/French, English, Americans, Japanese and now the Chinese. It all started here in the lands of covered by Bulgaria.

3. Churchill was an amateur of sweet Bulgarian wine from Melnik.

4. Bulgarian wine is excellent. And you have to come here to try the best.

5. Most families here in Bulgaria make their own wine. And they are great! It is worth taking a holiday in Bulgaria just to try different home recipes.


Wine celebrations in the autumn are an ancient Thracian tradition

6. We’ve been trying to tell you about Bulgarian wine on our website but we keep getting distracted after one glass.

7. Come to visit and we’ll take you to the best wineries. You can enjoy a bit of spa and wine. And see how wine is made from home-basements to sophisticated wineries.

See you soon!

About the author: Julien is Bulgarian at heart and contrarian by nature. I always like to look at things from different angles. A coin has more than two sides… Julien is a Travel Therapist at JMB Travel and a private tour guide for Bulgaria and the Balkans.

I like to give the inside story on Bulgaria in all its natural beauty, ancient customs and present day reality.