Brexit: Escape to the EU

They don’t want to work, they booze all day and make trouble at night. And you’ve been footing the bill for years: police, NHS, unemployment benefits…


Escape to the EU

Now the yobs have had their say at the urns and your livelihood is under threat. Whilst UK Plc. is preparing for Brexit and many international companies are considering crossing the channel to stay in the common market GBP has already taken a 30-year pounding, a sign of things to come. Anything you own in the UK has dropped in value by 10% within the last week alone. And next you can expect property prices to crash as foreigners start pulling out their money.

How much more money will you loose by the time the next prime minister realises that the EU will not be lenient on the UK?

But no worries. At JMB Bulgaria we have solutions. Here is a 3 easy step survival guide to Brexit, how to protect your wealth and transform the Brexit problem into an opportunity:

The basis of the solution is to have unfettered access to the common market whatever happens next in the corridors of Brussels. You can do personally survive Brexit by getting a foothold in Europe:

  1. Buy property: Buying property in Europe is easy and fast. It’s also much cheaper than anywhere in the UK. And the weather is better. Owning a property in Europe gives you an address that you can use to claim residency, set up a company and when you’re ready request a European passport. Properties in Europe are cheap. Bulgaria is one of the best value-for-money destinations. It is affordable and accessible to all budgets. In Bulgaria you have plenty of clean organic land, sun and water. It is an ideal and affordable place for a European pied-à-terre. And best of all taxes on land are insignificant and on buildings taxes are low.
  2. buying-property-in-bulgaria

    Bulgarian mountain villa

  3. Set up a company: Setting up a company in Europe gives you free access to the EU market. Setting up a company in Bulgaria is fast, easy and cheap. It takes 24 hours and costs around 300 Euro. We will help you with all the formalities. By creating your own European you also have great perks: access to EU funds (get Germany to pay for your investments) and very low corporate taxation (only 10%). And if you are a freelancedr or consultant you can get paid in Bulgaria. Then you manage your business and money online from the UK if you still miss the miserable weather.
  4. Residency and EU passport: EU residency and passport gives you free travel and the right to work in all EU countries.  Once you a buy a property you have the right to claim residency. And if you invest a certain amount within a few years you can ask for a EU passport. Again Bulgaria is a great destination as the process for residency is fast and easy if you have a current UK passport.

So you don’t have to worry anymore about Brexit you have solutions to keep full access to the European Union whatever happens next in Brussels. And in Bulgaria it’s affordable and accessible to all.

The EU and Bulgaria


Bulgaria and the EU

“You’re a thief! Here’s some more money.”

Wouldn’t you find it suspicious if someone constantly accused you of being a thief and at the same time kept on giving you money. Like saying you’re a junky and always giving you more drugs…

Who’s the crazy one in the story? The one who gives or the one who takes?

If you think about it you would rather be the giver than the taker. You would prefer to create the dependency rather than be the addict.

And this is what Europe has done. It has created a de facto economic lebensraum across virtually 20 States and 400 million people. In South and Latin America the USA with the Monroe doctrine in 1907 created a virtual colony to use the Americas as their back yard. In today’s post-colonial world the wealthier European nations of the West have transformed Eastern Europe into their economic and political colony.

They have:

  • a ready market for European goods
  • political control through european legislation
  • economic control through aid and foreign bank control
  • a cheap labour pool

In summary: workers and a walled market.

The EU sold itself to its new members on the ideals of the a united Europe based on the historic foundations of the Roman Empire and Charlemagne and the ideological basis of the Latin and Greek heritage underpined by a common christian belief.

The reality is much more practical.

Western Europe needed cheap labour to continue to produce competitive products and a market that it could control to sell those products.

And CONTROL is the key word here.

How do you explain that countries like the UK and France that have a exemplary public civil service and legal system that shines amongst the brightest in any democracy across the world did not first train and educate the Bulgarian administration before handing them lots of money?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach somebody how to use the money well before giving to him large bucket fulls?

The fact is that the Western European civil servants knew all the time what was happening in Bulgaria. Before and in between giving more money they had reports that stated the level of corruption and incompetence in the Bulgarian administration a long time before 2007.

They easily convinced the local elites with bags full of cash (figuratively speaking. I am not saying that they bribed them overtly…) to privatise the banking system which is now foreign owned and the energy system which is a foreign controlled cartel that acts as we now understand from the protests in the streets outside government supervision. Just two examples for now. There are more….

They convinced the local elites to inflate and stabilise the value of the local currency the Leva in relation to the Euro so that European products would be more competitive here. At the same time it makes Bulgarian products and services less competitive in Western Europe and the rest of the world.

In turn it leads to economic under development in Bulgaria and the brain drain that we have witnessed. The population has dropped from under 10 million a few years ago to now around 7 million. A 30% drop! And it is the youngest, the brightest, the healthiest and the strongest that have left Bulgaria to pay for the pensions of Western Europeans and provide them with cheap labour for everything from the construction industry to strawberry picking. The brain and energy drain is stopping Bulgaria’s economic development and prevents it from competing and catching up with Western Europe.

And then not only do you use them physically, you abuse them psychologically: “Ah, those XXXX Bulgarians and Romanians!” as if we were all brothers and sisters. And in their eyes we are just one lump of cheap labour that you can procrastinate and beat up in the papers from time to time witout risk of being told off or sued.

And remember: If someone says to you that you are a thief, just don’t take the money!

Look at what is happening in Cyprus today. Did Europe not know before it joined the EU that it was an offshore destination for amongst many others the big bad Russians?

Would the UK let Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man sink?

And are the Russians now going to move their money to the UK channel islands…. Good deal for UK Ltd…

And welcome Bulgarians to the real EU Inc.
About the author: Julien is Bulgarian at heart and contrarian by nature. I always like to look at things from different angles. A coin has more than two sides… Julien is a Travel Therapist at JMB Travel and a private tour guide for Bulgaria and the Balkans.

I like to give the inside story on Bulgaria in all its natural beauty, ancient customs and present day reality.

Our Fake Sister

There has never been a greater historical disaster for Bulgaria then being accepted into the EU at the same time as Romania. With hindsight there has never been a bigger political mistake.

And I am sure that the Romanians are cursing Bulgaria in the same way.


The Fake Sister, we are not mirror images!


The two countries, Bulgaria and Romania, have been bundled together for worse and for worse like fake sisters ever since they joined the EU in 2007. One is synonymous with the other. Not one piece of (always bad) news affects one country without the light being shone on the other at the same time.

But yet the two countries are so different. Anybody who knows Bulgaria and Romania will know that they are very different and whatever makes them similar is also common to other European countries in the region.

For a start, our fake sister is a big girl. Romania is a larger country with a population of around 20 million people. Whilst Bulgaria is more petite. It has under 7 million.

Our histories are very different. even our experiences of Communism in the last century were not the same. OK, both have inherited the horrible communistic apartment blocks but that is common across all Eastern Europe. and yet we don’t bundle Romania and Poland or Bulgaria and former-Yugoslavia.

We speak different languages. Bulgarian is a Slavic language, whilst Romanian is Latin in origin.

And we don’t look the same. Bulgarian girls are much prettier. But then again I am biased.

There are so many differences between Bulgaria and Romania and yet the two are treated like a 2-in-1 pack. For the average European we’re conjoined twins that should have been separated at birth and for some unfortunately managed to survive.

If only we could turn back the hands of history….

About the author: Julien is Bulgarian at heart and contrarian by nature. I always like to look at things from different angles. A coin has more than two sides… Julien is a Travel Therapist at JMB Travel and a private tour guide for Bulgaria and the Balkans.

I like to give the inside story on Bulgaria in all its natural beauty, ancient customs and present day reality.