Top 10 reasons to buy property in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country of pristine nature, diverse mountain ranges and a sunny coastline. Bulgaria has a great climate that offers four distinct seasons, lots of water and sunshine and clean land. It is an ideal location to buy property, more so because it is still very cheap. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy property in Bulgaria.


Mountain villa in Bulgaria

  1. Low-cost and affordable property accessible to every budget
  2. Good quality arable land and beautiful countryside properties
  3. Up and coming ski and beach resorts
  4. Potential for big profit
  5. Easy and fast to buy property in Bulgaria
  6. Choice of ownership that is personal or through a company
  7. Very low taxation
  8. High development potential: for land and living accommodation
  9. Low-cost to maintain property and use 3rd party management services
  10. Bulgaria is part of the European Union

We can help you buy a property in Bulgaria from finding the right property for you to checking all the documents, finalsing the deal and helping you develop it. Contact us for personal advice on how to buy a property in Bulgaria.