Our Fake Sister

There has never been a greater historical disaster for Bulgaria then being accepted into the EU at the same time as Romania. With hindsight there has never been a bigger political mistake.

And I am sure that the Romanians are cursing Bulgaria in the same way.


The Fake Sister, we are not mirror images!


The two countries, Bulgaria and Romania, have been bundled together for worse and for worse like fake sisters ever since they joined the EU in 2007. One is synonymous with the other. Not one piece of (always bad) news affects one country without the light being shone on the other at the same time.

But yet the two countries are so different. Anybody who knows Bulgaria and Romania will know that they are very different and whatever makes them similar is also common to other European countries in the region.

For a start, our fake sister is a big girl. Romania is a larger country with a population of around 20 million people. Whilst Bulgaria is more petite. It has under 7 million.

Our histories are very different. even our experiences of Communism in the last century were not the same. OK, both have inherited the horrible communistic apartment blocks but that is common across all Eastern Europe. and yet we don’t bundle Romania and Poland or Bulgaria and former-Yugoslavia.

We speak different languages. Bulgarian is a Slavic language, whilst Romanian is Latin in origin.

And we don’t look the same. Bulgarian girls are much prettier. But then again I am biased.

There are so many differences between Bulgaria and Romania and yet the two are treated like a 2-in-1 pack. For the average European we’re conjoined twins that should have been separated at birth and for some unfortunately managed to survive.

If only we could turn back the hands of history….

About the author: Julien is Bulgarian at heart and contrarian by nature. I always like to look at things from different angles. A coin has more than two sides… Julien is a Travel Therapist at JMB Travel and a private tour guide for Bulgaria and the Balkans.

I like to give the inside story on Bulgaria in all its natural beauty, ancient customs and present day reality.