Top 10 reasons to live in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great destination to escape the rat-race and the wretched weather. Here you have plenty of land, sun and beautiful nature. And most of all it’s affordable!

In Bulgaria you can afford to kick back and realise your personal dreams. Here are just 10 of the top reasons to make Bulgaria your next move:


Living in Bulgaria

  1. Low-cost of living which is in everybody’s reach
  2. Lots of space to live comfortably
  3. Easy and cheap to buy property
  4. EU standard of living
  5. Receive income from Europe easily (pensions, dividends, savings)
  6. Low personal taxes
  7. Healthy and modern banking system to manage your money online
  8. Low-cost to set-up a business
  9. Affordable private health care
  10. An ideal place to achieve the lifestyle that you always wanted

How we can help you live in Bulgaria

We will be glad to share with you our experience of life in Bulgaria and help you benefit from our knowledge by giving you personal advice. Get in touch and we’ll try to answer all your questions.