Living in Bulgaria

The good life

Life is good in Bulgaria. It is affordable to live comfortably. Bulgaria is a great environment to live, set up a business or just enjoy your savings and pension.

There are lots of jobs and many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Taxes are low, probably the lowest in the European Union. and you have free unfettered access to the common market. So you have low set up and running costs and high profitability.


Plovdiv Bulgaria

Here are the top 10 good reasons to live in Bulgaria!

Land, sun and water

There is so much land available in Bulgaria. It feels like being a pioneer heading West. The soil is fertile. Land is cheap and there is plenty of sunshine and rain. You can live your dream of having enough space to realise your projects.

How we help you live comfortably in Bulgaria

We have personal experience of setting up in Bulgaria and making it work. We know the right people to help you find your feet and realise your dreams. We can help you with all aspects of living in Bulgaria:

  • Cultural awareness to understand Bulgarians
  • Finding the right home for you
  • Completing administrative documents
  • Finding reliable translation services
  • Private tutors for personal language tuition
  • Setting up a business
  • High-level private medical healthcare in Bulgaria
  • Personal support 24/7 hotline

We will be glad to provide you personal advice on how to live comfortably in Bulgaria and make your move a success.