Top 10 reasons to set up a business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, full access to the common market and low-corporate tax policy as well as super fast internet. It is an ideal location to set up a business and maximise your profits. Here are the top 10 reasons to set up a business in Bulgaria:


Tourism business in Bulgaria

  1. Low business set-up costs around 300 Euro
  2. Fast and easy to set up a company in 24 hours
  3. Low yearly running costs and low wages
  4. You can find staff that speaks English and other languages
  5. Very low corporate taxes 10%
  6. Profits can freely be expatriated
  7. Super fast internet and easy online banking
  8. EU business with free access to the common market
  9. There are many opportunities in Bulgaria and lack of entrepreneurs
  10. Access to EU funding programs. As a small country Bulgaria is a net beneficiary of European funds for a broad range of investment projects.

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