Setting up a business in Bulgaria

Why set up a business in Bulgaria

Setting up a business in Bulgaria has many advantages. You are inside Europe whilst reducing your tax obligations and maximising your profits. You can manage your business online whilst choosing to live in Bulgaria or abroad.

Find out what are the top 10 reasons to set up a business in Bulgaria.


Business in Bulgaria

  • The cost of setting up a company is around 300 Euro
  • It takes 1 day to set up a company
  • Benefit from the lowest corporate tax in Europe 10%
  • Maximise your profits with low running costs
  • Enjoy all the benefits of any European business with full access to the common market

We help you set up your business quickly and at a low cost. We provide a fully tailored service to meet your personal objectives. Ask for personal advice to answer your questions.

How we help you set up a business in Bulgaria

  • We provide personal business advice based on your objectives
  • Fill in all necessary documents
  • Open a bank account
  • Recommend a good accountant
  • Advice on how to manage your business from abroad
  • Support to deal with yearly administrative processes
  • Find staff to manage your business locally