Business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is good destination for setting up a business and realising your objectives. As a destination for business investment it has many advantages:


Small business in Bulgaria

  1. Bulgaria is part of the European Union so you have free access to 300 million consumers
  2. Stable currency: the Leva is pegged to the Euro
  3. Low-corporation tax (only 10%)
  4. Fast and easy to manage you business online
  5. Low-running costs: accountancy, management, staff

Find out what are the top 10 reasons to set up a business in Bulgaria.

How we can help you set up a business in Bulgaria

Julien van Dommelen has experience setting up and managing a business in Bulgaria. He operates a network of lawyers, accountants, investment advisors that he can put at your disposal. Julien offers personal advice on doing business in Bulgaria:

We can help you set up a business in Bulgaria and manage it if you are abroad:

  • Business setup advice
  • Who can set up a company in Bulgaria
  • How long does it take
  • How much does it cost: one-off set-up and yearly running costs
  • How to manage a Bulgarian company from abroad
  • How much are corporate taxes
  • What is the average wage
  • How to find good staff
  • What kind of business works in Bulgaria
  • Where to find funding to develop your business