Bulgaria is a good destination to buy property, set up a business and settle down.  As a destination for investment it has many advantages.


Welcome to Bulgaria

Here are just some of the top 10 reasons to choose Bulgaria:

  1. Affordable property prices so you can buy a great place at a great price
  2. Easy and fast to set up a business
  3. Very low taxation, probably the lowest in the EU
  4. Free access to the common European market for work, travel and trade
  5. Stable currency pegged to the Euro
  6. Low wages making it affordable to run a business from Bulgaria
  7. Super fast internet and good coverage to do business online easily
  8. Affordable private healthcare to get the best treatment you deserve at a reasonable price
  9. Low cost of living to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle
  10. And it’s a beautiful country with great food and wine!

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