Cultural tours

Bulgaria is a country rich in culture. Today folk traditions dating back to pre-Christian times are still practiced in festivals, dances and expressed through colourful costumes and bright headdresses.


Cultural tour of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a distinctive culture from its neighbours: Romania, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey whilst also blended influences from the East and West where it sits at the crossroad.

You can taste Turkish flavours in the cuisine. Roman ruins lay strewn across Bulgaria. Ancient Greeks and the Thracians shared the gods they revered as well as their love of wine. Bulgaria is a Balkan country. It is a mountainous region composed of a hotch-potch of regional identities, cultures and histories that intertwine with greater regional influences reaching as far as Western Europe, Russia and the Middle-East.

All this makes Bulgaria a fascinating destination for cultural and historical tours.

JMB Travel has experience organising cultural tours of Bulgaria and the Balkans that are tailored to specific interests and requirements. We can organise all aspects of the tour: hotels, the best local restaurants transport, private tour guides, visits, activities, wine tasting, and more… all integrated into a bespoke itinerary. We have organised:

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  • Historical tour of Bulgaria and Romania
  • Travel the Via Egnatia: Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey
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